Even though All Star Tire keeps all wheels priced competitively, we understand replacement wheels aren't exactly the least expensive component on your vehicle. So when a wheel goes bad due to pot hole damage, corrosion, or a collision, you need to find a viable solution fast!

Fortunately, wheel damage - including bent rims - doesn't always mean you need to buy a new wheel. You also have the option of wheel repair. It's the affordable way to keep your vehicle rolling and your wheels looking like-new. It's also one of our specialties, so you know we do it right.

Our wheel repair shop serves the greater Long Beach/Los Angeles metro areas.

Wheel Services That Keep You Rolling

If you have wheel problems, All Star Tire provides affordable solutions. See us for:

  • Bent Rim Repair
  • Wheel Corrosion Removal
  • Scratch and Scruff Repair
  • Curb Rash Repair

We restore OEM and custom wheels alike. Contact us at (562) 531-0041 to schedule your service or ask questions.

Is Wheel Repair Safe?

Before our technicians provide service, we inspect the wheel damage to ensure it meets the appropriate standards for safe repair. As our customer, we care about your safety over your savings. And while we'd like to provide you with both, we'll tell you if wheel repair isn't possible. This said, we recommend you stop over before you declare your wheel a loss. A  lot of wheel damage is safe to repair. 

We pride ourselves on returning like-new appearance and performance during each and every wheel repair service. Call us at (562) 531-3894 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our wheel straightening and repair process.